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Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM)

If you suspect Light Brown Apple Moth on any of your plants or trees, call the CDFA PEST HOTLINE at 1-800-491-1899 or

LBAM information meeting Aug 10, 2010.

At a standing room only meeting in Fallbrook on Tuesday County Ag Commissioner, Bob Atkins, and officials from USDA outlined requirements for growers caught in developing light brown apple moth quarantines.

While no quarantines have yet been officially declared, boundaries are being established and the necessary paperwork is being filed. Ag officials are working quickly to do necessary inspections of agricultural properties to minimize disruptions to businesses once quarantine maps are finalized. The most important action growers can take at this time is to complete a grower survey that the Dept. of Agriculture, Weights and Measures office has posted on its website homepage. The ag dept. will be using this survey to prioritize inspections. If you have a business that ships host material you are going to need to have been inspected before you can ship once the quarantines are finalized.

LBAMThree shoes too many have dropped.

As feared, another light brown apple moth discovery has occurred in the county. Instead of just one moth as was found in Bonsall, this time four were found in one trap, which exceeds the quarantine trigger of two. The site is near the intersection of the 805 and 15 freeways in the City of San Diego. Additional traps have been set to determine the intensity of the infestation and those traps will be read on Thursday.

Sometime next week the state will set the boundaries of the State Interior Quarantine, which will extend out 1.5 miles from the find sites and at this point doesn’t appear to capture any commercial producers. However, after the state quarantine is declared, there will be the declaration of a federal quarantine and the feds are leaning towards placing the entire county under quarantine. Timing on that declaration is still unknown. County, state, and federal officials are currently working through the situation. 35 additional inspectors are currently en route to San Diego from other parts of the state and country to assist with the project.

A meeting for growers is being organized for next week and notification of the meeting will be widespread. So, what does this mean to you? The vast majority of crops produced in this county will be impacted once the quarantine is declared. Products produced inside a quarantine cannot be moved until the location has been inspected and declared LBAM free. That must then be followed by a trapping program to exhibit continuous lack of the pest. Recommended reading on this is at http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/phpps/PDEP/lbam/pdfs/FactSheets/LBAM_Q-Compliance_032708.pdf.


An informational meeting for San Diego County farmers and growers August 10, at the Fallbrook Comunity Center at 2 PM.

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