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Mediterranean fruit fly

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has expanded its original quarantine zone in the El Cajon valley area east of downtown to 119 square miles after finding two additional infestations northeast of Crest and another cluster south of El Cajon in early December. According to CDFA’s Janet Taylor, as of Dec. 12, 15 find sites have been identified, two of which are larval sites which indicate established breeding populations. An eradication effort is well underway, consisting of weekly aerial releases of more than 2.8 million sterile male flies in the expanded area, fruit stripping within a 100-meter radius around sites where larvae are detected, and ground treatments using the organic-approved bait pesticide Naturalyte (active ingredient Spinosad) within a 200-meter radius of sites where the flies have been trapped. According to CDFA, it has succeeded in eradicating every Medfly infestation in California since the department began such efforts in 1975 and has relied on sterile Medfly releases almost exclusively since 1996.

Quarantine Map

Medfly Infestation Detected in El Cajon

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