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San Diego Region Irrigated Lands Group
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Growers Working Together to Comply With
Clean Water Regulations

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2014 Water Class Schedule

Regulations adopted by the Stormwater MonitoringRegional Water Quality Control Board require all agricultural and nursery operations in the San Diego region to sample and test wet and dry weather runoff for pollutants and report the findings.

The regulations allow for two options:

  • Conduct the testing and reporting as a group

    - OR -
  • Act individually to submit plans and testing results directly to the Regional Board

The San Diego County Farm Bureau is providing members with the collective testing and reporting option through the San Diego Region Irrigated Lands Group (SDRILG).

Application for Farm Bureau Membership
SDRILG Application
Waiver no. 4
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For more details about the San Diego Region Irrigated Lands Group Email SDRILG or call (760) 745-2215.

Water Classes

In addition to enrolling in a monitoring group the Ag Waiver carries a requirement for each operator to complete two hours of water quality management related training per year. The University of California Cooperative Extension Service has taken on the task of providing the training. The schedule of classes for this year is listed below. To reserve your spot in a class, please call (760) 745-2215 or email info@sdirrigatedlandsgroup.org .

2014 Water Class Schedule

March 12: 1 - 3 pm
April 8: 3-5 pm
May 15: 1-3 pm
June 11: 6-8 pm
July 8: 3-5 pm
August 5:10 am - noon
September. 3: 2 - 4 pm
October 7: 3-5 pm
November 5: 10 am - noon
December 9: 1 - 3 pm

Click here to sign up for a water class
please include your name, date of class, and phone number