What is Farm Bureau?

The San Diego County Farm Bureau is a non-profit organization supported solely by more than 5,000 dues-paying members. There are 53 county Farm Bureaus in California. Established in 1914, the San Diego County Farm Bureau serves the needs of the agriculture community in accordance with its Mission Statement:

“The mission of the Farm Bureau of San Diego County is to represent San Diego agriculture through public relations, education, and public policy advocacy in order to promote the economic viability of agriculture balanced with appropriate management of natural resources.”

In San Diego County the Farm Bureau is the leading advocate for the farm community and works with elected officials, government agencies, educators, the public, and the media. Local Farm Bureau membership reaches well beyond the boundaries of the county.

At the state level, the California Farm Bureau Federation serves the county Farm Bureaus as the voice on state issues and works closely with representatives from the American Farm Bureau Federation on issues of national importance.