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Our New Home

Our New Home

This year marks another milestone in San Diego County Farm Bureau history! With an eye to the future, the current Board of Directors recognized the need to move the headquarters to a facility that would better serve the needs of our members. Part of the vision, central to this new facility, is the creation of the San Diego Ag Hub a Center for the Business of Agriculture.

When the effort for relocation was launched two years ago, it was based on four principals for a new location:

  • Large enough to house an agricultural hub and provide multiple meeting spaces
  • Generate income from tenants
  • Be a source of pride for members
  • Not burden Farm Bureau with long-term debt

In order to achieve the final principal, the Board of Directors recognized that a fundraising campaign was critical and the San Diego County Farm Bureau Capital Campaign was launched. The Capital Campaign has now passed the $1.5 million mark, and is moving closer to its $2 million goal. At three quarters of the way, there is still much work to be done. While improvements are progressing to ready the building for Farm Bureau and tenants, we invite you to participate in helping us secure our future.

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