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    California Grown At The San Diego Fair

    The SAN DIEGO COUNTY FAIR began in 1880 as an agricultural fair. The location moved from place to place for several years, finally settling on the Del Mar Fairgrounds when it opened in 1936. The San Diego County Farm Bureau retains close ties to the fair planning committee, sitting on the board, and working in tangent to continue the long-standing tradition of educating and entertaining visitors with agriculture exhibits and experiences.

    The California Grown exhibit demonstrates how agriculture has evolved into modern forms and features educational farming displays showing the past, present and future of agriculture in California. San Diego Hydro’s display, the “Farm-Scraper”, is a vertical farm on the side of a skyscraper representing the future of farming in a world with ever increasing urban populations that will require innovative gardening techniques.

    In 2017, from June 2 to July 4, San Diego County Farm Bureau represented Friends of Farming at the County Fair. Over 100 people joined Friends of Farming after visiting the Farm Bureau’s interactive display. The Farm Bureau exhibit featured a planting station where fair goers had the opportunity to pot a plant, take it home, and watch it grow.

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