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    A Plant Pathologist Looks at the Health of Peri-Urban Agriculture in San Diego County and What It Will Take to Sustain Its Future

    Two part series presented by Craig Kolodge, San Pasqual Valley Soils

    Part I:

    Peri-Urban Agriculture
    What Is It and Why Is It Important   to Understand Its Unique Characteristics and Opportunities

    Part II:

    Successful Models of Healthy Peri-Urban Farms and the Foundation Required to Sustain Them:
    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations defines peri-urban agriculture as “agriculture practices within and around cities which compete for resources (land, water, energy, labor) that could also serve other purposes to satisfy the requirements of the urban population.” The key characteristic that distinguishes peri-urban agriculture from rural agriculture is its integration into the urban economic and ecological system. This two part seminar series will explore the topic from the perspective of a former University of California plant pathologist, farm advisor and county director of Santa Clara county. The unique qualities associated with farming on the fringe and what constitutes a “healthy” farm co-existing within a non-farming environment from one that is financially struggling and isolated from their urban neighbors will be discussed. An overview of various peri-urban farms and what makes them successful will be examined along with resources and opportunities within San Diego county to develop new paradigms and models for re-vitalizing existing farms in addition to creating financially healthy, fully integrated peri-urban farms in the future.