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    Winter 2019 Quarterly Meeting

    In case you missed our Winter 2019 Quarterly Meeting, you can view the powerpoint here. Topics included up-to-date food safety regulations, wages and labor laws, and clean water compliance.

    2018 Expo Seminar Speakers

    In case you missed the San Diego County Farm & Nursery Expo, or just want to refresh what you learned, here are our seminar speakers PowerPoints. Eric Larson – Water: Supply Update & Runoff Regulations Bryan Little – The BUSINESS of Farming Dr. Roger A. Baldwin – An Integrated Approach to Managing Ground Squirrels &

    Grower concerns collected

    The UC Cooperative Extension recently undertook a substantial grower survey project tilted the Grower Needs Assessment for Sustainable Food Production in San Diego County.  The survey generated 296 responses that have now been measured in a final report.  The report states, “The primary goal of this research project is to develop a better understanding of

    2018 State & County Ballot Measures

    If you missed the Farm Bureau workshop on the ballot measures, here is the PowerPoint presentation.  Hopefully this helps you be an informed voter.  What’s particularly good about the research we did is it “follows the money,” showing who is paying for the campaigns. View the PowerPoint here.

    San Diego Crops – Honey

    Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. It’s the time of year for new beginnings when the sky is bluer and the grass is greener. The air is fresher. Flowers begin to bud and crops continue to grow. With all of the anticipation of this time of year, there is one vital part of

    Missed the quarterly meeting?

    At yesterday’s quarterly meeting, Executive Director Eric Larson covered topics including: Will DC fix labor? How does the new Prop 65 rule affect you? Will we have enough water in 2019? Do you need to worry about recently passed state laws? Enforcement has launched… are you compliant with runoff rules? What grant opportunities are there